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film and tv

In 2019, we launched a narrative development branch focusing on scripts, tv pilots, documentaries and feature films for streaming and cable networks.

Strait Undercover_BTS_83.jpg
Strait Undercover Logo

A biotech company secretly housing government contract terminator seeds and a robot is infiltrated by a low level USDA agent who connects telepathically with nature. 

Imagination Station TV Screenshot
Imagination Station TV Logo

Original children's television show created & developed by Mrs. Kasha Davis, Mary Tiballi Hoffman, Danny Hoskins and Ben Gonyo. 

American Drag Queen, Mrs. Kasha Davis (RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7,  RuPaul's All Stars Season 8), stars in this

one-of-a-kind children's tv show about

love, acceptance, and friendship. 

Kodeklan Screenshot
Kodeklan Logo

Lawyer, Jerrod Kodeklan, balances a career in litigation

with his true passion; conspiracy theories and exploring an abandoned super factory. He unearths a new adversary after his special needs son, Bubba, is discriminated against.

Flower City Screenshot
Flower City Logo

Anything goes and tacky advertising thrives. Two rival advertising agencies go head to head; The well-funded, over-achieving Gentle Artsmen vs. Sharif’s Open Flower Agency.

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